MERIT & MERIT Lite New Product Upgrade Class

Course Overview

This course is offered to current MERIT certified technicians who require additional training on newly introduced MSA Fall Protection equipment.

This Upgrade Training class is designed to enhance your current repair and maintenance capabilities and will not change or extend the current expiry date to your MERIT or MERIT Lite certificate.

It can be taken as a stand alone course at either of our MSA locations in Chicago and Edmonton, or added to one of our Recertification Courses listed.

Those who should attend are individuals who have been selected by their organization to become certified to repair MSA fall protection equipment. Selected individuals will need to be employed by an MSA Channel Partner or by an end user organization that wishes to self-maintain a significant installation of MSA equipment.

Topics Discussed

  • Theory of operation for MSA SRLs
  • Disassembly and inspection process
  • Reassembly and functional test
  • Testing procedure
  • Quality assurance inspection