Latchways Horizontal System Installer Class

Course Overview

This 24 Hour MSA Latchways Horizontal System Installation and Maintenance Training course is designed for individuals currently employed by an MSA Latchways Authorized Installer Facility who through their job description will be required to Inspect, Install, Maintain, and Recertify MSA Horizontal Fall Protection systems.

Horizontal System Module Objectives

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of system design and interpret a given horizontal system design specification in order to install the system.
  • Explain the use of, and application of a horizontal system.
  • List your responsibilities for the creation and application of local on site and pre-start safety plan prior to installation.
  • Select and use the correct tools for a traditional horizontal system installation.
  • Perform pre-installation requisites prior to installation.
  • Install a given cable traditional horizontal system.
  • Certify a traditional horizontal system Constant Force post (CFP) installation.